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A company Career Site is the pathway that will act as your recruiting hub for engaging and interacting with candidates about company and employment opportunities.

Recruiting top talent is a high priority for HR Managers, as recruitment is an evolving machine it is essential that companies keep with the latest trends in the job market.

EcoX transact is a dynamic free collaboration tool for graduates, job seekers, recruiters and suppliers alike.

With Transact there will be seamless integration of all clients who use EcoX HR for recruitment, verification, onboarding and awareness campaigns.

Transact provides the community with real time skills analytics which are compared to required business skills

A consistent brand and company image/values will be provided to prospective job seekers via this module.

EcoX Transact delivers numerous benefits to organisations such as reduced cost-of-hire and time-to-hire and allows for the build up of a maintained skills pool.

Personal Profile

  • Maintain employee skills, qualifications, interests and work history, with the use of Artificial intelligence to successfully match candidates to corporate roles.

  • Highlight employee skills and abilities to create a lasting first impression

  • Enables HR to select the most suitable candidate for jobs based on the information provided.

  • The HR department will be able to keep track of numerous records and files related for each employee

To Do Lists

  • Organising tasks in a manageable structure

  • Creates a sense of accountability and progress for individuals

  • Enables individuals to collaborate with work groups or teams in universities or colleges

  • Acts as a useful external memory aid, allows you to effortlessly keep track of everything that you need to do.


Project Management

  • The ability to collaborate with teams and track progress through dashboards and automated reminders

  • Ensuring that the initiatives and goals are strategically aligned

  • Promote stakeholder support throughout projects

  • Successfully complete its listed goals and deliverables

  • Identify and manage risks


Learning Zone

  • Based on the skills shortage dashboard, self-leaning videos, content and quiz’s will be made available

  • Assessment testing will indicate how closely a potential candidate will match the hiring requirements

  • Create a learning organisation by ensuring there is consistency and alignment of values and behaviour around learning

  • Enable comparative evaluation of different candidates and find the best fit for the role

  • Encourage coaching and mentoring across the organization


Live Chat

  • Create a live encrypted chat group and collaborate with the community

  • Our proactive chats allow instant and personalised services to individuals

  • Potential candidates will be guided by the live chat to content they are looking for

  • The live chat will allow immediate connection for employees to the most appropriate members of the HR department


Supplier and Recruiter Onboarding

  • Recruiters can post jobs and submit candidates to EcoX clients in a 100% paperless environment with end to end integration and workflow.

  • Ecox onboarding process results in operational process efficiencies for both clients and suppliers

  • New hires will get acquainted with the company and the system before they’re expected to do any work.