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National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH) Reporting

Employers who employ more than 50 employees in a workplace have additional health data reporting obligations in terms of Direction 4(2) 

The following reports have been automated into the format required by the NIOH

Symptoms Screening

Vulnerability Report

Positive Cases Report

Return to Work Report

Daily Precautions and Health Indicator

  • Personal health log (Regulatory compliant)

  • Medical history log (Comorbidities, Chronic, Allergies, Disabilities)

  • Vulnerabilities, Fitness and Emergency contact’s log

  • Extensive user access and security

Covid-19 Knowledge library

  • Quick access to a knowledge repository which includes policies, guidelines and Acts

  • The Knowledge repository is updated every month 

Covid-19 Continuous Audit

  • A Compliance Questionnaire linked to South African regulation

  • Questions are updated as regulation changes

  • Evidence can be uploaded per question

  • Evidence Repository

Real-Time Dashboards and Reporting


  • Track compliance in real-time, easily identify risks and improvement opportunities

  • Track compliance for subsidiaries with regional analysis

  • Automated compliance reports per section 

  • Organization-wide Red flag Health Reporting including geo maps

COIDA Process Automation (Available Jan 2021) 

Daily Precautions and Health Indicator


Automated NIOH Reporting


Covid-19 Compliance



  • Fixed 2 Day Remote Implementation

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure

  • Complimentary Training included

  • 24/7 Technical Support (JHB based Team)