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What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution is considered a new chapter in human development, resulting in a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another.


  • The first, second and third industrial revolutions commensurate, the 4th industrial revolution with the use of extraordinary technology.

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution creates value for organisations with the sole purpose of aiding everyone, this value is extended to leaders, policymakers and people from all income groups and nations.

  • By harnessing converging technologies will ultimately create an inclusive, human-centred organisation and future.

Common HR challenges addressed by Eco X:

  • Improved communication across the entire organisation using a single platform that is effective & appropriate with the latest HR legislation and tools.

  • Streamlining HR processes to fit organisation size and requirements, which will aid the organisation to develop strategic recruitment plans that consider business goals and competitive recruiting efforts.

  • Ensure ethical behavior in all departments with the use of interactive reporting, that will foster two-way communication and developing ways to engage employees.

  • Develop efficient and effective HR practices, that will address human concerns quickly and systematically, as well as identify any cultural or diversity concerns that might arise, and manage them proactively.

  • Enable accessibility, by allowing employees to have access to their HR profile in real time, so they can improve their abilities, motivation to perform and opportunities to develop essential skills.

Why should you invest in EcoX? 


  • Ecox has considerably grown over the past two years.As a relatively new company our market potential is big enough to make investing worthwhile.

  • Our proprietary features and competitive advantage include intellectual property protection, exclusive licenses and exclusive marketing and distribution relationships.

  • Ecox believes we can make money for your business and solve your specific human capital management (HCM) needs.

  • Employees are key intangible asset for any organization, and it is the human assets that differentiate an organization from its competitors.

  • The skill of employees, account for 85% of a company’s assets, therefore decision makers understand employee efficiency and talent determines the pace and growth of the organizations.

  • Ecox shares this sentiment and understands that employee efficiency and performance therefore become major priorities for any organisation.

  • With Ecox pioneering services and products, we are able to aid the HR department in building an atmosphere of  happy and satisfied employees.

  • Ecox  is an Enterprise grade solution developed and maintained in Africa 

Benefits of Integrated User System


  • The effective integration of technology can simplify workflow processes and boost efficiency in your organisation.


  • Due to the increasing advances in automation technology, systems integration is becoming more important.


  • Simplified processes result in easier HR management, with streamlined processes, reducing costs and ensuring efficiency.

Organisational Advantages

Storage and cost savings

  • A central location for having all your data will reduce cost related to installing, procuring and maintaining multiple systems.

  • Time spent on upkeep and troubleshooting will also be reduced as well.


  • All the information that is collected off the back of an integrated system can be used to in better decision making


Easier for Administrators

  • Users work from a single system or workstation.

  • Time spent on training administrators will be reduced as the user will work on one system as oppose to multiple computer systems and processes.

  • More accurate and trustworthy data will therefore be available to the organisation.


Better Analysis

  • There will be faster access to current developments, figures, and data


  • You will no longer have to rely on external tools to analyse your data


  • By having this holistic view of your data, patterns and trends will be easier to pick up and make comparisons where required.


System Security

  • Dealing with sensitive information requires improved system security to keep unauthorised users and hackers from infiltrate your system.

  • Your system will be more secure and confidential information will be protected


Growth and innovation

  •  IT will have more free time to work on other departments

  • Less time consuming, enables HR seniors to focus on developing employees as oppose to trying to understand multiple systems.

  • Inefficiencies will be reduced and working smarter than harder will become a way of culture at your organisation with an integrated approach to help achieve HR objectives.

  • Collect data and make it easily accessible