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Pepper Potts Is a proudly South African Innovation Lab and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Eco X, an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform and Process Optimisation Framework with over 100+ integrated modules used for Digital Transformation.





Eco X adopts an aggregated eco system approach to Digital Transformation, with a focus on understanding the changing landscape, business strategy and business processes:

  • Integrated platform as a service (iPaaS / SaaS)

  • Framework is designed for agile enterprise automation

  • System configurability – embrace new trends at your own pace

  • Integration capabilities – Cloud Platform / optimised Data Architecture

  • Integrated document + records management

  • One source of the truth

  • Low-code approach + quicker deployment

  • Transparency

  • Collective learnings

  • Cost efficiencies

  • Size doesn’t matter

  • Integrated Eco-System

EcoX  EIM 2024.png

Process Optimization

Business process optimization, across industries

Rapid Customization 

A Low Code Architecture allows enabled rapid customisations with workflow, built-in access control and alerts.

Data Integration 

Migrate data across any protocol or system in real time with AI-driven validation.


POPIA, GDPR compliant.

Full Customer Experience Service

Platform as a Service with 24/7 Human Support.

Unprecedented Velocity
Impeccable Reliability

  • EIM (Enterprise Information Management: (iPaaS) 

  • SaaS Enterprise optimisation: (HCM, SCM, ERP, CRM, GRC, ESG) 

  • ICT Strategy 

  • Digital Transformation Implementation (Partner model) 

  • Data Warehousing, BI & Analytics 

  • Electronic Document and Records Management (Including Digital Archiving) 

  • Policy & Contract automation (AI / NLP processing) 

  • Systems Integration (Microsoft, Oracle, MSSQL, MYSQL) 

  • Business Process Optimisation (Design and Implementation 

  • Big data and custom integration projects 

  • AI and Blockchain development 

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