Run your entire business with 50+ integrated applications.

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Pepper Potts is a South African based technology company that specializes in integrated business systems, enterprise integration, data aggregation, process automation and business intelligence. Eco X (Ecosystem X) is the core offering by Pepper Potts and is used to deliver customized business solutions across the enterprise.

Eco X consists of integrated modules ranging from Human Capital Management, Project Management, Compliance, Risk, Corporate Governance, Contract Management, KYC and E-Commerce to name a few.

Pepper Potts consulting and advisory expertise extend to Process Optimisation, Enterprise Architecture, Skills Audits, Readiness Surveys, Performance Optimisation, Work-Study, and Operational Strategy. Considerations for change management, project management, POPI, and real-time reporting are included as part of the service offering.


“Data is the new oil. It's valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used.”

We understand that data comes in different forms and formats and is stored everywhere,

We pride ourselves as data and process experts skilled in multiple programming languages with a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence and alternate data stores such as Blockchain. By combining our deep engineering knowledge with years of hands-on experience in business process optimization and strategy the possibilities for digital transformation are endless.


To provide a single integrated people and business platform simplifying the process for organisations to operate, transact and collaborate across Africa and the rest of the world.