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Our Mission

Building digital bridges between people, process and technology​

Simplifying the process for people to operate, transact and collaborate across hybrid work environments 

Our Story

“Data is the new oil. It's valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used.”

We understand that data comes in different forms and formats and is stored everywhere.

We pride ourselves as data and process experts skilled in multiple programming languages with a deep understanding of Enterprise Architecture, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.


By combining our engineering knowledge with years of hands-on experience implementing ERP and process optimization solutions Eco X was created.

Adopting a Low Code methodology with unparalleled integration to legacy systems we're transitioning enterprises from old ways of working into the future of work

Pepper Potts Pty Ltd is a South African based technology company that specializes in integrated business systems, enterprise integration, data aggregation, process automation and business intelligence.

Eco X (Ecosystem X) is the core product offering by Pepper Potts and is used to deliver integrated business solutions across the enterprise.

Eco X consists of integrated modules ranging from HCM, Project Management, Compliance, Risk, Corporate Governance, Contract Management, KYC and E-Commerce to name a few. All module are fully integrated and can also be used independently. A low code methodology is used which enables rapid customization based on industry specific processes.

A unique identity approach is adopted, this allows for historical record-keeping and enables integrated analytics across modules.

The framework adopts a Lego building block approach allowing for business process customizations and workflow to be developed at an unparalleled pace.

Integration to ERP systems, Home Affairs, recruitment databases, verification providers and stock markets are all configurable through Eco X.

The platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure, AWS or on-premises (Hybrid options are also available) with built in Blockchain integration for verification, escrows and payments.

Pepper Potts partners with industry experts for business process IP and strategy ensuring implementations are full proof.

Experienced Leadership

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